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Lung network

Lung cancer is the malignancy responsible for most cancer related deaths. It affects close to 4000 individuals each year in Sweden and is strongly associated with specific risk factors, in particular smoking. At the molecular level, lung cancer is a highly heterogeneous disease.

The treatment for lung cancer has dramatically changed during the last decades with clinical introduction of targeted therapy and immunotherapy. The LUCC-Lung network comprises about 7 research groups and 40 members. Research projects span from basic science, in vitro and in vivo models of disease to genomic profiling studies, bioinformatics, and clinical trials. Major research areas include epidemiology, genomic characteristics of disease, targeted treatment, new diagnostic tools, and tumor immune microenvironment. 

Lung cancer research in Lund has a strong translational aspect with a critical mix of clinical scientists from many disciplines, to basic scientists, statisticians and computational biologists. The overall main task that LUCC-Lung is trying to assist in is to improve the clinical management of patients with lung cancer. This includes to determine risk factors, understand the early tumorigenic steps in malignant transformation, define early prognostic biomarkers, and identify tumor-based treatment predictive factors that can ultimately be tested in patient material. 

The purpose of the LUCC-Lung network is:

  • to provide a forum for lung cancer researchers to collaborate and connect with each other;
  • to facilitate oppurtunities for clinical scientists and pre-clinical researchers to conduct research that is patient-centered and clinically relevant, supported by high-value biobanks. 

The LUCC-Lung network organizes meetings, symposia, and other activities (see LUCC calendar). To learn more, contact Maria or Johan. 

Network leaders

Maria Planck and Johan Staaf, photo.

Maria Planck

maria [dot] planck [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se

Department of Clinical Sciences
Lund University
Medicon Village, bldg 404 
22381 Lund

Johan Staaf

johan [dot] staaf [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se
+46 46 222 14 44

Department of Laboratory Medicine
Lund University
Medicon Village, bldg 404 
22381 Lund