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Internal Reference Group

Internal Reference Group (heads of strategic networks)

  1. Sara Alkner (Breast)
  2. Daniel Ansari (Gastrointestinal)
  3. Håkan Axelson (UroCan-LUCC)
  4. Monika Bauden (Gastrointestinal)
  5. Daniel Bexell (Child)
  6. Pamela Buchwald (Gastrointestinal)
  7. Ana Carneiro (Clinical trials & drug development)
  8. Ida Dalene Skarping (Imaging & nuclear medicine/radiology)
  9. Maria Gebre-Medhin (Head & neck)
  10. Lennart Greiff (Head & neck)
  11. Anna Hagström (Blood, lymphoma & myeloma)
  12. Ingrid Hedenfalk (Gynaecology)
  13. Johan Bengzon (Brain, spinal cord & pituitary)
  14. Karolin Isaksson (Skin)
  15. Helena Jernström (Cancer epidemiology)
  16. Marcus Järås (Clinical trials & drug development)
  17. Göran B Jönsson (Skin)
  18. Annika Kisch (Nursing, rehabilitation and palliative care)
  19. Karin Leandersson (Immunology, tumour microenvironment & metastasis)
  20. Karolina Leandersson Bogefors (Sarcoma)
  21. Fredrik Liedberg (UroCan-LUCC)
  22. Malin Lindstedt (Head & neck)
  23. Susanne Malander (Gynaecology)
  24. Marlene Malmström (Nursing, rehabilitation and palliative care)
  25. Ramin Massoumi (Imaging & nuclear medicine/radiology)
  26. Fredrik Mertens (Sarcoma)
  27. Alexander Pietras (Brain, spinal cord & pituitary)
  28. Maria Planck (Lung and head & neck)
  29. Kees-Jan Pronk  (Child)
  30. Lao Saal (Breast)
  31. Anna Sandström Gerdtsson (Immunology, tumour microenvironment & metastasis)
  32. Stefan Scheding (Blood, lymphoma & myeloma)
  33. Johan Staaf (Lung and head & neck)
  34. Tanja Stocks (Cancer epidemiology)