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Organisation & Governance

LUCC is governed by the regulation "Dnr STYR 2018/1653" as decided by the Board of Faculty of Medicine at Lund University on October 24th, 2018. LUCC is managed by a board, executive group, internal reference group, external expert group, scientific advisory board and supporting personnel. The term of office is usually 3 years (2 years for PhD student representatives and 1 year for Future Faculty representative) with the possibilty for extension for additional period.

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LUCC Coordinator 20210301-240228

Sophia Zackrisson, Professor

Board (12 members)

Kristina Åkesson, Dean of Faculty of Medicine, Lund University - Chair

Jesper Petersson, R&D Director, Region Skåne - Vice Chair

Tommy Andersson, Academic staff representative Faculty of Medicine, Lund University

Anders Bjartell , Academic staff representative Faculty of Medicine, Lund University

Pia Maly Sundgren, Academic staff representative Faculty of Medicine, Lund University

Ulf Ellervik, Academic staff representative Faculty of Science, Lund University

Sara Ek, Academic staff representative Faculty of Engineering, Lund University

Stefan Jovinge, Representative Region Skåne

Catarina [dot] CL [dot] Lundin [at] skane [dot] se (Catarina Lundin), Representative Region Skåne

Silke Engelholm, Representative Region Skåne

Gottfrid Sjödahl, Representative Future Faculty

Axel Bengtsson, PhD Student Representative

Co-opted members: Coordinator & Vice Coordinators

Executive Group

Sophia Zackrisson, Chair & Coordinator

Marcus Järås, Innovation & Collaboration

Ingrid Hedenfalk, Education

Mats Jerkeman, Vice Coordinator, Research

Vinay Swaminathan, Education

Cecilia Jädert, Innovation

Co-opted members: Mef Nilbert Region Skåne


External Expert Group

Members to be appointed

Scientific Advisory Board

Members to be appointed

Contact information

Sophia Zackrisson, Professor, LUCC Coordinator
Department of Translational Medicine (Service point 33)
Carl Bertil Laurells gata 9
SE-205 02 Malmö
Phone: +46 40 338797 Cell phone: +46 736 874149

Pia Berntsson, PhD, Scientific Coordinator
Medicon Village Building 406 (Service point 90)
Scheeletorget 1
SE-223 81 Lund
Phone: +46 46 222 31 01

Hanna Barjosef, Economist
BMC I12 (Service point 66)
Sölvegatan 19
SE-223 62 Lund
Phone: +46 46 222 04 62

LUCC Communication plan