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- Nurture: Training both current and the next generation of cancer researchers

LUCC actively contributes to an effective and coherent education in current curricula with relevance for cancer with a clear progression between all levels from basic education to postgraduate education and clinical specialist training. In addition, continued training and education for personnel affiliated to LUCC will also be made available through joint courses and seminars. LUCC will also, in collaboration with industry and the healthcare sector, promote research schools and programs tailored to meet the particular needs for PhD students, postdoctoral fellows and clinicians. The expertise represented within the LUCC reference groups ensures that state-of-the-art knowledge within all aspects of cancer research is available to students at all levels of education.

In summary, LUCC acts to
• Promote interaction between relevant educational programs at all faculties
• Promote interaction between academia and the healthcare sector by joint seminars, workshops and lectures
• Organize educational events for early career scientists involved in cancer research
• Arrange courses to counteract strategic gaps between basic and clinical education

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