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Imaging & nuclear medicine, radiology

The vision of LUCC imaging is to serve as a cutting-edge hub that integrates advanced technologies, fosters interdisciplinary collaboration, and facilitates groundbreaking discoveries to advance our understanding of biological processes, diseases, and therapeutic interventions.

Imaging plays a pivotal role in both preclinical and clinical research, offering benefits that significantly impact disease understanding and patient care. One key advantage is the early detection of diseases, allowing timely intervention and improved treatment outcomes. The non-invasive nature of imaging techniques is important because it enables the characterization of tissues and organs without subjecting patients or animals to invasive procedures, thereby minimizing discomfort and reducing the risk of complications.

Imaging also contributes to the monitoring of disease progression over time, offering insights into molecular and cellular changes. This capability is crucial for preclinical studies and clinical trials, in which continuous observation is essential. In clinical research, imaging is a vital tool for assessing treatment responses, guiding adjustments to therapeutic interventions, and contributing to the development of targeted and personalized therapies. Imaging is instrumental in preclinical drug development, offering insights into drug pharmacokinetics, distribution, efficacy, disease modelling, and longitudinal studies.

The purpose of the LUCC-Breast network is to:

  • serve as a collaborative communication platform and channel for researchers in the field of cancer.
  • assist researchers in making decisions about selecting the most suitable imaging modality to address specific scientific inquiries.
  • position imaging at the core to facilitate collaboration among various research domains.
  • enhance the current understanding of imaging, novel methodologies, and emerging imaging devices.
  • facilitate greater collaboration between preclinical and clinical imaging experts.
LUCC imaging retreat 2023
Imaging network retreat - November 2023

Network leaders

Ramin photo

Ramin Massoumi

ramin [dot] massoumi [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se

Department of Laboratory Medicine
Medicon Village, building 404
Skåne University Hospital
Lund, Sweden

Ida photo

Ida Skarping

ida [dot] skarping [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se

Department of Clinical Sciences
Lund University
Medicon Village, bldg 404 
22381 Lund