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Biomedicine: Tumor Biology BIMM21

The course is an elective component of the Master of Medical Science Programme in Biomedicine

The course is focused on providing students with detailed knowledge of the molecular mechanisms leading to tumor development, both with regard to the transformation of the normal cell into a tumor cell and the tumor as an organ consisting of many different cell types. It also includes the most important aspects of diagnosis and prognosis. firthermore, the course describes the different available treatment strategies and the tools available to expenad this knowledge in the future. The course is linked to current research, and published original research will be used.

Normal cells
Normal cells Photo: Science photo Britannia

The course is structured around weekly themes which are introduced by a lecture followed by a compulsory Team-Based-Learning (TBL) group exercise and method discussions that are concluded at the end of the week. Each theme will include a lecture/seminars with experienced cancer researchers, for which students are to prepare and analyse material for discussion. The students will practise reading research articles, extracting relevant content and presenting it orally. The article presentations will include references to previous course content. all students are expected to be prepared and participate constructively in the discussion.

For more details, see course syllabus (for downloading as pdf in right column).

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National admission

National admission

Application period: March 16 - April 15

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