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Strategic Plan

Summary statement: LUCC will act at the front-line to implement cutting-edge knowledge from basic and clinical research by addressing unmet clinical needs in close collaboration with the health care sector, industry and society-at-large. 

Lund University Cancer Centre is a leading actor in understanding malignant diseases, explaining their implications, and improving knowledge-based cancer prevention and care.

1) LUCC creates excellent conditions for conducting state-of-the-art cancer research and education.
2) LUCC promotes rapid implementation of novel research findings in close collaboration with health care providers, patients, the private sector, and society at large.


Strategies to master challenges and accomplish the vision
The following strategies have been defined to fulfill the missions of LUCC:

Openness: Promoting inclusion and transparent decision-making for the benefit of all
Facilitation: Stimulating cutting-edge cancer research
Implementation: Efficiently translating research findings into patient and societal benefit
Nurture: Training both current and the next generation of cancer researchers
Engagement: Improving visibility among patients and society


PDF icon Strategic plan 2020-2024


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